Gryte Pintukaite is a painter portraitist, the member of Lithuanian Artist’s Association. Now she lives and creates in Cortona, Italy.

She was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in a family of artists: the mother was teacher and poet, the father - drama theater actor.  After the studies in  Art Gymnasium in Kaunas, Lithuania and in Kankaanpaa  Art School in Finland, she studied painting in Vilnius Academy of Art (Lithuania) from 1995 to 2001. She also studied singing  “Belcanto” wich gaves more colors and “sounds of feelings” to her painting.
15 years Gryte teached art for students and was created the theatre of alive paintings.

Gryte  organized  37 personal exhibitions.

 She participated  in  abaut 100 group exhibitions, from which, the most important, was the Venice Biennale in Italy, the Beijing International Art Biennale,  the Silk Road International Festival in China and the Art Fair of 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. She participated also in many internationals Art Symposia and Plain Airs and took part in others exhibitions in Finland, Denmark, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania.

Today, a lot of artworks of Gryte Pintukaite are in the collections of museums of China, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as in private collections in Florida, England, Italy, Germany, China, Finland, France, Iceland, Latvia, Russia and Lithuania.

Philosopher and art critic Algis Uždavinys 

Regarding Gryte Pintukaite’s artistic vision and style, the philosopher and art critic Algis Uždavinys wrote about an "intimate female humanism of the artist and "a meditation to feel not only the fragility of the human nature but also the deep nobleness of its incarnated spiritual world, real portrayal and picture of God where she likes to submerge herself, with tender clemency, like in a fog of heady dreams, in order to create her original version of the reality and of the existence myth".

Therefore, her figures are almost always slightly stylized and supplemental semantic metaphors, especially in portrait compositions, are often introduced.

In choosing the subjects of her pictures, Gryte often comes back to loved motives such as an image of a granny or a mother with a baby or just faces, that she loves to draw according to their real emanation, the one that she perceives. She painted during almost 25 years of activity, not just  Lithuanian artists like singers, actors, poets, musicians, conductors, etc., but also Italian’s famous faces:  actor Alessandro Preziosi, painter Sigfrido Oliva, etc.